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The Nelson’s Project

Warehouse Demolition Project

This project was a pre-demolition inspection of a commercial warehouse spanning over 200,000 square feet! This building was infested with fungal activity and tons of asbestos. We provided special clean-up measures along with identification of all hazardous materials at the site. 

20131 Grove Street

Laguna Beach House

Not all things get better with time but the view from this stunning location will be even better with the new structure being added to the property.  This house had great bones but it was just time to upgrade.  Another pre-demolition asbestos inspection for this project. 

The Jefferson’s Lake House

Circa 1960 Beverly Hills

Located in the luxurious Beverly Hills this quaint circa 1960s home was slated for demolition to make way for another beautiful home. 

Historic Homes Restoration in Orange, CA

This project will be developed as residences for homeless and elderly people in Orange County, California.


3 homes plus the addition of 3 ADUs to help families in need.


Vector provided discounted services to aid in the community effort. 

CSUF Mold Inspection (Fullerton, CA)

This project required us to inspect the HVAC system in Building A for mold.

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