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Providing Excellence in a Hazardous World

Our Services

  • Asbestos Inspections

  • Special Clean-Up Plans

  • Project Management

  • Lead Inspections & Hazard Evaluations

  • Indoor Air Quality Inspections





Timely & Accurate

About Us

Vector Environmental Consulting Inc.

Founded by a former Marine Infantryman, our attention to detail and meticulous timing make us a seamless integration into any project.  Born in the depths of the abatement industry, we carry vast knowledge and critical thinking that most other consultants do not.  We take a commonsense approach to all of our projects and treat every customer with the attention and respect they deserve. You will not be disappointed by our service. 

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring rock found primarily in Canada and California. Asbestos was most commonly used as chemical/fire protection in commercial settings and shipbuilding efforts during WWI & WWII.  After the war efforts, new uses for asbestos were found to be helpful as binding agents in building materials such as stucco, drywall joint compound, plaster, roofing materials, underground utility pipes, acoustic ceiling texture, and more! Asbestos is dangerous when disturbed and rendered airborne.

Recent Projects


Nobody wants to hear that your house has asbestos, that being said if you have to get the news, it should be from him. David exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Let us know when he was coming, was super quiet when he saw my babies sleeping, and got back to us faster than expected. When he notified us that our house has asbestos he gave me a plethora of information on next steps for my project. If I ever have to go through this again or if someone I know needs this service, I would 1000% recommend Vector.

Cassie L.

David offers asbestos inspections and assessments, lead inspections and hazard evaluations and indoor air quality inspections For both commercial and residential. He is extremely reliable, knowledgeable and timely.

Paul S.

"David" is amazing! He is extraordinarily fast and efficient and got the "Clearance" I needed for the City. His work ethic and experience in his field, I believe, are above others.

His pricing is fair, too!!!

HIRE "Vector Environmental Consulting Inc."

You will be a very happy customer!!

Shirley S.

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